140,271 of 156,000!!! Goal’s Rock!

Today was the deadline I gave myself to hit 140,000 – and I made it!! Now on to the next goal: 150,000 by Sunday, and then 156,000 by next Wednesday. Assuming that is actually how many words it takes to get to the end. We’ll see. Here’s crossing my fingers.

The appointment I’ve set for myself – 9 pm for a half half hour every evening (or 11 am on the weekends)- actually seems to be working for me so far. At least for the few days I’ve been doing it. I’ve heard of all sorts of ways to make yourself write productively. Bribing yourself with TV or treats. Writing first thing in the morning, every day. Not eating until you’ve hit your daily word count – and setting a daily word count you have to hit. Graphing your daily and by project word count down to the last detail, by time, date and day. Writing in groups. Writing in coffee shops. Doing Nanowrimo… etc, etc…

Everybody seems to have something different that works for them, but none of those things has quite managed to work to make me get my fingers on that keyboard. Every. Single. Day. I admit, after all day concentrating at work, I have a few concentration issues at home. I do love those multiple projects I always seem to have going, but they take away horribly from my writing time!

This way, I give myself time to get those projects done, to relax from work. I give myself permission to goof off or to watch TV for a little while and eat or make dinner, play with my dog. Vacuum, whatever. To not think about writing. And then I get back down to business. I think, figuring out how my own brain works is the key. What ways does my brain have to keep me from getting this done. For me, I’ve had to acknowledge that I place a value on all those other things, even the goofing off watching TV. They’ve been wriggling themselves into first place. So, now I’ve actually scheduled them to come first. And then I go back to work after. Done deal.

Everyone is different. I think that’s the key point I’ve been missing. What works for everyone else doesn’t have to work for me. I just have to figure out what does. So, now I feel like I’m a little closer to understanding how to get myself working on a schedule. I write for my half hour, and usually by then I’m ready to keep writing. I’m not done yet. I want more. If not, no big deal – I achieved my routine. And my goals are set within that routine. I know if I keep to the routine, I’ll make the goals, which helps me stick to it.

So far.

My next big, very long-term goal – re-arranging my life so I can write starting at 11 am every single day instead of waiting till 9 pm. I’m not a morning person, I just have to accept that. My brain does not work before 9:30 am. However, the one Saturday so far I did my 11 am appointment, I wrote more than 4000 words. I’m pretty sure that’s my sweet spot. 11 to 3, in half hour increments. That’s the theory anyway. We’ll see how it goes next weekend.

I can do this, I know it. Onward!

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