140,271…still… Oh, bother.

Sigh. I stuck to the plan, kept to my 9pm half hour, and instead of writing, found myself spending the next two hours re-plotting my remaining plot. There were just so darn many holes in the last bit of plot I had worked up so many ages ago. It definitely needed it. I promise. It may have been a somewhat torturous 2 hours, but very productive. I think. Hopefully.


I’m just hoping that the re-vamped plot (which still needs quite a bit of work) will function better, and that I won’t have to go through this whole thing yet again. Right now I’m really feeling the pressure of the darn self-imposed deadline. If I can’t work out this plot issue, I may need to give myself an extension. Wait. No. Stay positive! I’m doing it! Probably!

Also, in unfortunately related news, I may need to go back through my entire plot during editing and add a lot of ‘pipe’ I wasn’t expecting to need to be able to support the new and improved climax. For the uninformed, ‘pipe’ is basically foreshadowing, but without the goofy silliness. For instance, if you need a character to have access to a car, then at some previous point, you have to make it clear how they have that car. Did it just appear mysteriously out of no-where? No! That’s ‘laying pipe’. Like in plumbing, water doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, you have to get it to that point. And you have to warn the reader while you’re doing it, or they’ll be irritated with you when the bad guy is suddenly vanquished with a mysterious car they’ve never seen or heard anything about.

This is seriously annoying to have to add after the fact. I was supposed to be avoiding just that situation by plotting everything ahead of time! Next time I won’t hurry so fast through that last bit of plotting. For some reason I had thought I could just ‘wing it’ through to the climax. I had the actual climax scene plotted pretty tightly, but the lead-in was nearly non-existent, and I just found out that if my characters have no reason to do fabulous stuff and wallop the bad guys, then there’s no way to just ‘make them do it’.

I really wanted my team of good guys to just hare off to the middle of nowhere and discover the fabulous and dreadful issue that was causing all the trouble.

Problem 1:  They had no reason to go.

Problem 2:  What did that issue have to do with the fabulous climax that I plotted? I didn’t know. Maybe nothing? Maybe everything? If I don’t know myself, then how can my characters figure it out?

Reality checks are really annoying.

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