144,729 of 156,000 I love deadlines. Not.

“…I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by…”  Yeah. Douglas Adams was weird. But so, so right.

Two days of plotting, and then two days of recovering from plotting / sleeping a lot did not leave a lot of excess writing time. No, that’s an excuse. I did stick to my ongoing routine – 9pm, every weekday, 11am on Saturday – except this Saturday became my designated goof-off day for the week, and I don’t have a routine set for Sunday. So this weekend became one big writing holiday – minus a bit of quickly interrupted writing here and there. Thanksgiving prep is so darn time consuming. Sigh.

I did read two books though. Which was nice. I haven’t done that in a while. I think I needed it. Still. I will not be meeting the deadline of the 22nd. There is no way I am working full time tomorrow, and still writing another 10k. Not happening. I think I overestimated my available extra Nanowrimo energy.

I did stick to the routine though, pretty much. I may need to rethink the extra goof-off day, and just stick to Sunday, and that’s it. But what about real emergencies though? What if I need a sick day? Or a ‘taking care of my family’ day?

Right. Ok, let’s give myself one allowed ‘sick day’ per week, only to be used in case of actual sickness or emergency. Not laziness.

I’m determined to stick to my routine, so this can’t just be about Nanowrimo. I love Nano – it gives me a jolt of extra writing energy every November. But I can’t let it just fizzle after November, and I can’t let other things keep this from happening. I want this. I’m close to figuring out what really works for me. I just need to keep tinkering till I have it. I will get this thing done!

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