146,385 of 156,000… Spatchcock! My new favorite word!

Keeping on keeping on. I think my dad used to say this. Slow but steady. Yeah. I would much rather be fast. Fast and finished. Oh well. I’m so darn close.

My hero’s are creeping up on the bad guys, which will fail, but then they’ll regroup and battle it out to the end. And then the book will be done. And on to the next. That’s the plan.

Let’s see if I can make it happen before Nanowrimo is over.

The next book will go faster. It will. Really.

And on to the two truly important bits of news.

One. I just bought an Ipad on sale for Black Friday early sales. I’m excited. In theory, this means something light enough that I can carry it around constantly so I’ll always have Scrivener and my book file with me. On the cloud. Maybe this will encourage me to write all the time, anywhere. And maybe it won’t. It’s my new toy though, and I can’t wait to meet it. Supposedly it will be here on Friday. I got my current hp laptop thinking it would be easier to haul around than my old clunker, but even though it’s just about as small as you can get and still type comfortably, it’s still to darn heavy to carry out very often.

Plus, I can draw on this one, which means designing book covers, which is just super exciting. Photoshop on my laptop is great, really, but I feel so limited since I can’t really draw on it. Now I can. Yes, I know the Surface Pro is supposed to be better, but you know what? It’s heavy. I picked it up. Ipad was way lighter. So ipad it is.

Two. I’m seriously considering Spatchcocking a turkey for Thanksgiving. It won’t be the only turkey this year, so no one gets to complain if I maul it or fail terribly. I’m very excited about this. For those not in the know, to spatchcock means to flatten the turkey and cook it that way. Sometimes with a brick on top of it. I’m going to put mine on top of my stuffing. Very exciting. Assuming I can figure out how to flatten it. We’ll see how that goes. Yay Thanksgiving!

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