My Dad, the Artist…

While I’ve been VERY busy not finishing my book(s), I’ve once again been excessively busy filling my life with lots of other things. I’ve decided I do this on purpose. I’m an avoider. I’m also someone who makes up new words.

One of those avoider-y things was a city-wide art tour that I took my newly retired father on. We had a blast exploring the Austin, Texas art scene. I think he’d forgotten he wasn’t the only artist out there. He loved it.

It reminded him very pointedly that he’d been neglecting his art though. Now that he has a little time to do something for himself, he’s been able to re-focus on it again. Which is awesome. He’s a great metal and wood sculptor (he makes all sort of historical and imaginative weapons and other creations.) He never really managed to make a business go of it though. His skills are more on the ‘art’ side of it.

We wandered through all manner of art studio and all kinds of art, driving all over South Austin. When the other artists found out he was an artist too, they would ask for his card, for his website, and he had to admit he didn’t have one. Oh, so he wasn’t a ‘real’ artist then. Ok, ok, nobody said that – everybody was really nice, but still, if you can’t show your stuff, then it might as well not exist. At least that’s my take on it. (Sort of. Not really. Ok, maybe a little. … Wait. Maybe this is why I clearly don’t want to finish my book? So I don’t have to put it out there to be judged? Nope. That can’t be it. I love being judged. Yep.)

Anyway, after the tour I was revved up. Actually, we hadn’t even finished the tour before I’d started his website for him from my phone. And then there were the pictures I needed to take, and the content we needed to write, the business cards to design, etc, etc. Just so he can hand other artist’s a card and show that he’s the real deal. (And he is, really.)

I’m whining, but really, I am excited about this for him – and for our family. He has such a history behind him, such a huge amount of knowledge, of expertise, of art, that will mean so much less to his family, and to the world if he doesn’t do something with it. If he doesn’t write it down. So I’m making him do that. And then I’m spending my writing time editing him. Which is actually great fun. In a way, I guess I am writing after all.

PS. If you want to take a look – keeping in mind I’ve only posted a few pictures so far, and no videos yet, and that I am very far from being a great picture-taker, then here it is:  Swordyz Live Steel

And now I must get back to avoiding writing some more. I think I will go clean something.

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