137,810 of 156,000

So far this 1/2 hour at a time thing is working. Most of the time I end up writing for more than the 1/2 hour sprint, which is nice. We’ll see if I can keep it up going during the work week. Crossing my fingers…

PS: I did wake the sleeping lady up. Maybe that was a good idea, maybe it wasn’t. I guess I’ll find out in edits…

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135,782 of 156,000 Keep’in it moving!

I decided that on the weekends, instead of doing my sprint at 9pm, I would do it at 11am. and then I just kept going. I’m at 4,164 words today! Very exciting.

Except, I’m in a part now where it’s suddenly pretty much all dialogue. Most of my book is the MC by herself, or with one or two other people, and now all of a sudden there are seven people in a room, and all of them have a freaking opinion. Except the one who’s somehow still unconscious, but not supposed to be at this point, and I can’t think of a way to get her woken up that won’t feel awkward now.

Plus, if I do wake her up, then she’s going to have an opinion about everything, to add to the stew of everyone else’s opinions about what’s going on. Arghh. Stupid plot! You need to move forward, not just circle around in the same spot. Talking. Bleh.

There will be major editing here, I just know it. Bother. And now I’m having trouble moving forward without waking her up. Or I could not wake her and just skip that plot point. She can wake up after it’s all done. Or not. If I don’t wake her now, then it’s only six people on the march to the big Climax. And only 2 of them are girls. That feels uneven to me. Plus this lady’s an even more major character in book two. Do I really need her in the Climax? Maybe I do.. Decisions, decisions.


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131,635 of 156,000! Goal Achieved!

I made it to the 130,000 goal!! Now on to the 140,000 goal. Yay! I just have to keep reminding myself I can always edit later. Edit later. It’s better to just get it out right now.

Today I read a lovely blog post by Kristine Katherine Rusch on the importance of making, and then sticking to a routine. She’s so right. The Sprints that worked so well for me yesterday felt like a really good start in the direction of a ‘routine’ so I decided to give it a try again today, and it worked. Really well. 2,321 words well.

So, for the rest of the month my plan is, every weekday, to write a half hour at 9pm, then another half hour at 10pm. Apparently an hour is too long a period to ask me to concentrate for. I’ve tried it. Doesn’t work for me. And if I start any earlier I still have distracting things to take care of around the house.. people, pets, dinner, gym, laundry, dishes, etc. Any earlier feels like an imposition. 9pm feels pretty good though. Not too late to be exhausted yet, but late enough to feel ok about taking a little free time for me.

So it’s a plan. Now I just have to maintain it.

I can type about 700 to 800 words in a half hour. So if I round that down, and say 1200 words a day, then in 21 weekdays of 1 hour work each, split into 2 half hour pieces, I could theoretically finish. Since it’s Nano, I plan on working at it more than that, so let’s just give it a wild stab and say half that. So ten days to Done. In theory. We’ll see how it goes. Goal set: Finish draft by 11/22. I’ts a date.

The trick to all of this is figuring out how to trick myself into putting in the work. Making up a story is easy. Putting it down on paper/pixel is the tough part.

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129,318 of 156,000 and Nano Word Sprints!

I tried out the Nanowrimo word sprints this evening. I did two 1/2 hour sprints. The first one I had company on, and the second was just me. It was fabulous. 703 words for the first sprint, and 801 words on the second one. Why have I never tried this before? If I keep this up I might even finish…

Ok, I have actually done word sprints before, just not online. And not half hour sprints. So far they’re really working for me. Finally. Something that works to keep me at least a little on track.

On to the plot now. I’m just about into the ‘Race to the Finish’ part of the plot, and I’m a little nervous. I’ve never gotten to this part of the plot before. Act I, yes. Act II, yep. And for you 4 act folks out there, yes, I’ve even managed Act III. But Act IV (or Act III for the 3 act folks), nope.

I’ve written a climax. I’ve written an ending. Just never the lead up…to…the…climax. It’s a little daunting. Keeping all the pieces together. On my last (unfinished) book, I just skipped that part and wrote the more exciting climax part.

I’m just hoping that the momentum of Nano will push me through it. Will encourage me to write it even though I know it’s not exactly going to be perfect prose. That’s what fast drafting is for. To push you through the parts you’re nervous about.

It’s going to happen. I know it. Only 25K to go!

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127,480 of 156,000 – Getting closer!

So, it’s Nanowrimo month, and I’m still working on this darn Novel. I got a little off-track the last week.. ok, the last month.., but I’ve jettisoned Facebook from my life for the rest of November, maybe longer, and I will gosh-darn get this done. Yay team! I’m finishing this! I want to be able to start the next novel in the series, which I’ve already made a good start at plotting out. The details aren’t there, but the bones are, which is much better than my grandiose ‘she gets in trouble and then gets out of it’ plan for the book from a few weeks ago. Progress is progress. I’ll take it.

As far as Nano this year goes, I’m counting any and all words I write this month in my word count, including these. It’s not ‘purist’ Nanowrimo, but if it gets the job done, then it works for me. Anything to get that word count out. So far, today anyway, it’s working for me. I may not hit 50k this month, but I’m making progress again. I’ve done about 2K today. Yes!

I hope to get out to some of the local write-in’s – one of the best perks of Nano month is writing in a group, which definitely helps me with my concentration issues, but a lot of them happen during business hours, and since I work full time, that’s kind of a bummer.

Anyway, this book is moving again, ramping up towards the Climax, the action is starting to get moving, and I’m excited about the plot again. I’ve escaped the plot bunnies and am racing for the finish…

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123,130 of 156,000

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122,226 of 156,000!

It’s moving again. Yay! Now I’ve just got to keep the momentum going…

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120,244 of 156,000!

I made the 120K goal! Now on to 130K!!! I will finish this thing!

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My TV malfunctioned… 119,326 of 156,000

Yay for TV malfunctions. And no Facebook! For two whole hours! So that’s what happens when I actually get my butt off of the couch. Not bad.

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116,737 of 156,000

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